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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> here. >> dr. murase. >> here. >> wines >> here. >> wei. >> here. >> and mr. logan. >> here >> join me in the pledge of alee ans. pledge of allegiance. >>s this is the approval of the board minutes, we are voting on the regular meeting minutes of february 11, 2014, and can i hear a motion and a second for the minutes adoption? >> so moved. >> any correction? >> roll call, vote. >> thank you, miss wei. >> yes. >> and mr. logan?
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>> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mcdonald? >> abstain. >> thank you. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> fewer. >> aye. >> five items. >> item b, presentation for the board of education f, superintendent's report. spurpt richard carranza. >> thank you, good evening for everyone joining us here in person and all of the community that is listening to us over the air waves, a couple of thoughts for this evening, that the monk institute of jazz, has chosen san francisco unified school district as one of the five to receive a free jazz educational workshop series and presentation sponsored by the national, endowment for the arts and it will take place at
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three high schools. burton high, is known for his jazz band and will be introduced for the national peer to peer jazz, program, and it will be presented by six of the countries music students along with the recording artist. and the kansas city, jazz and blues vocalist, lisa henry and so congratulations to the students for this honor. i also wanted to annoys that the students who have a 3.0 or higher will be celebrated at the school district's annual african american honor roll event where i will be congratulating the students with the success as long with the board of education fewer, and our vice president, dr. emily murase and commissioners.
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breed and cohen will also be commenteding the students, and rob engineers will mc the celebration that is for the black school educators and a volunteer, organization of sfusd educators and this event will take place tomorrow, wednesday, february 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 talon miller at saint mary's cathedral, and the public is invited to celebrate our academically high achieving african american students. and also to promote the art and craft of the original book making in the classrooms, students in the grades, kthrough 12 were invited to design and create their own books for the second book making competition on the west coast, the winners were selected among 50 book entries and will be celebrated at a reception that is supported by
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the museum. and the san francisco public library, this will be happening on sunday, march second from three to five at the contemporary jewish museum at 736 mission street and congratulations to the students and the families as well. >> also, we want to do a shout out for our sunset elementary school who will be continuing with their tradition of having city dignitaries come to the school for a road allowed day and over 50 volunteers including the fire chief, and supervisors tang and murase will read books such as cat in the hat and green eggs and ham. >> a nationwide event that is held on march second which is as you all know, dr.... (inaudible) birthday. quick question, do you know an
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exceptional teacher or principal? we want to recognize them with the principal of the year award. we will launch a movement to thank the public school teachers for all that they do so you can nominate a teacher or a principal by march 7th and you can find a link on the front page of the sfusd website at, please take a moment to nominate a teacher or a principal for their hard work. >> and i would also like to remind everyone that this saturday, we will be sponsoring the school planning retreat that provides an opportunity for our school communities to work together as a team, on the school's balance score card and their academic plan and their budget priorities for the 2014, 15 cool year, and the retreat will be held this saturday, march first from 8:30 to 1:00 p.m. at everet middle school
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and the principal and members of the school's site council and families and other school leaders are invited to attend and talk to your principal how about you can attend and participate in the planning and i understand that the child care is provided as well and just a reminder if you are coming bring your umbrella we are going to be using the various sites and there will be walking and i understand that we are going to be taking a bite out of the current drought on saturday, bring your umbrella. we have also, on a point of personal privilege, we are recently asked by several of familiaritilis that came to the board meeting for assistance to identify a more permanent situation and home for our indian education program, a title 7 program. i would like to ask the deputy superintendent to share a few thoughts about that situation and give us an update please.
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>> i am pleased to report to the board and recently you heard about the need to find a permanent home for the indian education title 7 program and since then we have engaged with the cross section of folks and vetting several campus locations that might serve as a home for the program, and we want to appreciate not just the chief of facilities, and our director and assistant director, and various principals and most importantly the parent leaders and the indian and ed pack and not just for collaborating with us on identifying the place this they can call home but also for the patients in this process so please report out that and i think that you will hear in a moment, that sanchez elementary has been identified as a home for our indian education program. and that we will have not just a shared space but actually a
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dedicated classroom where they cannot just carry out all of the title 7 goals and objectives we will begin to establish itself as a center where the students ko come and learn about the culture and stow, we did want to give a moment to some of the parent leaders if a point of privilege to have them speak and share with you a little bit about their process and i know that they had, a pack meeting this past friday evening. >> sorry. good evening, experiment richard carranza and fewer and all of the committee members. my name is goria and i wanted to say thank you for the update on behalf of the title 7 pack members and the student rep who wanted to be here tonight to give us a thank you, we will come back next board meeting on march 11th to give a proper thank you. but we wanted to personally
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give thanks to superintendent carranza deputy superintendent, and david golden who has been instrumental person in the search as well, and leslie gardener and dr. mora and we wanted to express that we are so happy with the identified space that has been a long time coming. >> good evening, my name is georgia women ams breck and as she mentioned on behalf of the parents from the program and the students we want to say thank you for your diligence in finding us a space, permanent home for the program and again, that will not only serve the native americans in the district but we hoping that will serve the wider school, students body. thank you. >> and we look forward to continued support and dedication for the program, and you are all invited to the indian ribbon cutting ceremony and that will be determined and we will definitely let you know where you are all invited to come and support.
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thank you so much. >> i actually wanted to say thank you to kevin cha shes and i wants to say thank you for your leadership and dedication and just him coming in, we have felt like he has come into the community and supported the parpts and their voice, thank you. >> thank you for your report and we wanted to make sure that the board has the opportunity to hear of ha update because it is an important point for us in the district and we want to thank everybody for their patience and i want to thank the principal at sanchez elementary school, who worked with her community to actually open their arms and say we will move some things around and make sure that you have a space and so thank you very much and that is my report. >> thank you, superintendent. item c, recognition and resolutions of commendations.
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>> there are no common none this evening. >> thank you. >> item d, the student delegate report. >> the first item is the office of student voice to expand the sac program. and sac student leadership team is collaborating with commissioner haney regarding the expansion to incorporate the office of student voice and our goal is to reorganization the sac to incorporate more time and resources. and in order to facilitate more project engagements for students and listen to our students voices in the voices in the sfusd. brain storming with the students to see what they would like to hear in the future. >> i also would like to remind
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you again of the 2014 youth support. and the day, which will be march 28th and 2017 at fort mason. and sac, next, the sac volunteered to assist and the access leadership council program in reviewing and intends to become an active council representative. >> and the sac is also working on the ecigarette campaign. and we are committed to creating a policy to prevent the use of ecigarettes by the students and staff at any sfud building or the surrounding areas that are visible to students and derek smith from the tobacco free project presented with the legislation that will be effective across all of san francisco.
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and we also intend to pass the resolution on specifically to the sfusd, which the commissioners sandra lee fewer supports. and if you are interested in this campaign, the next thursday, march 6th at city hall, some of our sac representatives, will be providing the san francisco health department, with our voice, and support of the city supervisors, legislation between ten a.m. and ten p.m. so i will be there and so, i will love it if the people showed up and you can sort of speak about the ecigarettes. >> thank you. >> so everybody knows about it for youth, and, i can attest to how important it was to me and we offer it to the students of five to 17 and what about the
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18-year-old and we have 3,000 18-year-olds and senior 18-year-olds out of 4,000 seniors in high school, and so, together, with the youth commission, we have been working on writing a resolution, to encourage the sfmta to allow 18-year-olds san franciscans to also, participate in the free muni for youth program, in addition, for the very first time of sac history, we have been able to use this boardroom to hold our sac meetings and this is, and this really changed the atmosphere of our meetings and everyone was just so excited to be here and we just had a very organized meeting and instead of being in the cafeteria where we could smell the food and the venting machines were louder than us, we could sit here and just have a very normal conversation and commissioner haney was here to present to us and it was just a very, nice
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place to be and we also have room to break out into groups and discuss different topics as many cohorts so we can come together and create a bigger picture and in that, we would like to say thank you, to commissioner haney and the superintendent and miss casco for helping us get to the board meeting room and let us be here and it made it a professional experience and we all appreciate it on the behalf of the sac. we also have an asc meeting next month, march third at 5 p.m. and everyone is welcome, and if you would like a copy of our agenda, please contact our sac coordinator. salvador, thank you. >> thank you very much. any comments board members? >> seeing none, i would like to say that i like forward to working with you on the issue. commissioners if i hear no
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objections, would like to move a resolution, 1312-10 a4, which is the safe and supported schools resolution, since we have many members in the audience here do i hear any objections? >> seeing none, this is already been moved and seconded on december tenth, 2013, the regional and amend for the substitute motions posted in the agenda, if there is no objection, we will be dealing with a motion, the further edits of the resolution and you have the final version on yellow paper in front of you and it is also available to the public at the entrance of the room. >> commissioner haney may we have a reading of resolution, please? >> how much of this? >> it is long.
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>> so i am going to read the resolved and then some of the bullet points. all right. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district that the superintendent establish a district wide policy and a plan here after known as the safe and supportive school's policy to deepen and extend the positive intervention and increase in the industrial time and reduce the ratio disparities as followeds, full implementation of the practices and the school wide positive interventions and supports at all schools, and develop a policy, and implementation plan for the roll out of restorative practices and skaod wide positive intervention and supports at all schools over the next three years. for the restorative practices
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it will include and not be limited to the 2308ing, the principal and processes through the school community that emphasize the importance of the positive relationships in building the community and when the harm has occurred and spended time building the trusting relationships among the students and staff and family comments school wood and within a classroom. intervention and alternative to school suspension, and a matrix at all schools. let's see. skip forward. >> the regular, and accurate data reporting on disciplinary measures and interventions including published data on school discipline and disaggregate by all on bi annually for the district in each school and include the prior year's data in the student and family handbook and reduce the suspensions and the disproportionalty in the balance score card. >> and the alternatives for the
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willful defiance and proactive and evidence based alternative interventions are in place for involving the disruption, and disproportionate referral and close for time for african american students, skipping ahead because there is a lot. >> suspension of appeals, and create clear policy for use of permitted dismissals and undocumented suspensions and implementation of reporting and be it further resolved that the superintendent shall within 120 days, present a proposal to update the policies including the intervention matrix and an implementation board for the board of education regarding how they will implement all of the above including implementations for the staffing and the support for the school students to include the input and participation for the educator including the united educators of san francisco and parents and students and, three, establish a review and oversight process,
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and includes involvement and recommendations by school staff and community and bi annual progress reports to the board of education, four, insure that district charter schools present a sound educational program, which incorporates the spirit of this resolution, and complies with all applicable provisions of law, including the prohibition, and the code, 235, and through the charter school, authorization and rehorization process. further be it resolved that the board of education, to direct this with resources for teachers and including the development, and working with students impacted by trauma and the techniques and cultural come pency, and relationship building and community skills and working with students with special needs, prioritizing the schools with the highest needs and be it further resolved that the board of education directs the superintendent to prioritize and labor the negotiations with the reduction of out of classroom time due to referrals and classroom sus expensings for non-compliance.
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>> that is the summary. >> thank you. >> so we have a lot of public speakers signed up for this issue. since we had a committee meeting as a whole and we heard extensive public testimony at that point, i am going to allow 15 minutes, total on this item. >> i will call out your names, and you can confer with each other about your time, and limits and restraints, and those that i call, please line up to speak at the podium. jason, phillips? >> ecton? and kevin, bogus. >> and cardena. and rodriguez? and kelley. wulbe? rose willis. and susan solomen. >> and mike brits.
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and jesus sacarus, violet, and alahandra, and please take time for us. >> come up to the podium and state your full name, you just press that button, and there you go >> hi, so i am a sophomore at balboa. up here with me are my fellow graduates without this resolution, half of these youth will not be here and we are all here on the stage today because we had the opportunity to and to exercise our right to education. and a right that no suspension should take away from us and all of us are up here graduating because we had access to a sort of justice practices, at our schools, and
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not suspensions which is pushed the problem away. we mended the relationships between us and our peers, and us and our teachers and us for within ourselves for we are suspended because they took it off the ground that happened to belong to someone and it happened to be their birthday. we are on top of our schoolwork, our homework and we are there to learn the material to pass the tests get all as. this is the speech that i want to say in two years when i am graduating i want to be able to say that we are the class of 2016, the same people who started and graduating. no one got suspended no one dropped out because there are too far behind in their schoolwork. i am the able to say this speech and every single word that i just say, be true.
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>> my name is adrial and i am reporting the sunset youth services, and i am going to be saying a portion of a song that i wrote, i am going to not going to lie and say that i love the school when every kid tries to fit in and be cool and when all of the teachers and security are always giving punishment but never positive i am tired of the blame and trying to change but my brain is changed and i am trike to wake up but i have not slept in weeks and my soul is weak and they put the blame on me and you look around and tell me what you see and i ain't the only one and i see a million teens struggling like me and so what is to blame? behavior? no i think that it is the
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system that is designed for failure, but hey, i don't know what to do, and i ain't got the answers i just know what starts with you and we all got a voice and we have something to say, so scream it out, tell the world that it is time for a change. thank you. >> hello, i go to abraham lincoln and i would like so say that this should be passed because i don't think that it is fair if the kids are losing out on their education over something so little, so small. and the teachers are going to get their paycheck and i don't feel like it is fair, i feel like it should pass, thank you. >> my name is kevin, and i work at kulman advocates for children and youth and i am excited to be here today with the young people and parents and community members who are concerned about this issue. and who are really excited that
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this is coming before the board, for our final vote, we want to most definitely say that we are excited to see that the school board is committed to dealing with issues of achievement for african americans, and this is the first step of transforming the culture of the school district and it is the one that all students know that no matter what happens they will be supported and successful. and so hopefully we have your support today and you will vote and you will work with the community and parents to insure that this resolution, becomes a new culture in sfusd, where all students with be successful. thank you very much. >> i am here for many of the organization and programs and i am here to speak about why,
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safe and supportive school resolution, is the right way to go, because, it basically gives us back our right to an education. and because, you can't learn anything if you are not in school and i mean there is always, the life lesson, right? but i mean at the same time it is not giving us lessons it is giving us the opportunity to think that it is okay not to get an education and not to be successful, but when you take that out of the equation, it is just, and it gives us more support and it also gives us more of a reason to be in school and to want to learn and to be want to be better people and i mean taking us out of school and pointing the finger and saying that we are not wanted or need and that we are not, and ex-expected to succeed. which i feel is so wrong in misleading when it comes to the teachers who say that we need you here and want you here and you are the people that changed the future but you are kicking us out of schools and i mean that i feel that, it is such i just the opposite thing of what you are trying to tell us and so that is why i am saying that the solution, and the
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suspension is the right way to go because it gives us hope and it gives us back our rights to an education to want to be better and successful people to create more resolutions like this. >> thank you. >> good evening, and my name is michael and i come as a math teacher from burr ten academic high school and a positive behavior support intervention, program for turning ethic minorities into leaders and i come as a teacher for culman and myself as a former high school drop out from a place called west oakland, i see the effects of suspensions every day, even though myself, and i may be recovered and covered as a mathematician at uc berkeley, i can see the them in the kids that i mentor and the effect on the kids that i teach in my
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math classroom and many other brother and sister and cousins who did not recover from suspension and dropping out. and are incarcerated and all of this is important with all of the students that we bring in tonight, i think that if we put in the teacher to come in, tonight is not just about suspensions, and we had generations, of black and brown youth, have been told that they are not only not just scholars, they are not just leaders but at the don't belong in the classroom or at school. we are not here for the schools like marshal where we suspended three quauters of the black last year but the schools that are close to 40 or 50 or more. we have almost no black and white leaders. the leadership, and the most common that anyone sees, in la or more than sat scores and it is a shame.
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and tonight, is about returning, and or a positive and interventions and teaching our schools, how to do so, and until we return back to that mission of all of the educators and building and strong, men and women and especially the men and women of color knowing that they have courage for everything, and our work has not even begun. so i can't sum it up better than this, we are not just ending suspensions we are asking you as teachers to help us. >> good evening, my rose willis and i am a parent and a community, and i am also a member of the san francisco, alumni chapter which is really taken on the task of making sure that